About us
BIOPOLYGEN is group of Scientists, Researchers in various disciplines networking from many countries, dedicated to the mission of developing 2 Major Human Health Programs for the poor around the World:

I. A COMPREHENSIVE DISEASE PREVENTIVE TREATMENT PROGRAM utilizing advancements and innovations in PHYTOMEDICINE - A Nature-based Health and Medical Discipline using drug-free, chemical-free bio ingredients from nature with proven medical effectiveness without adding side effects and other adverse medical con sequences to the people like conventional drugs.

II. To develop A COMPREHENSIVE DISEASE DETECTION and PREVENTION PROGRAM: Earned income from the Program I above will be used to develop a Disease Detection and Prevention System. CDDP is an organized network of Bio Detection System designed to detect pre-pathogenic developments of diseases so preventive measures can be made rather than waiting for the disease to form in our body first. The system will provide the people with the means to detect unusual indicators of disease development in the privacy of their own home, managed, supported and coordinated of local doctors. We believe that this Program will better serve the people instead of the present system where diseases must develop before we can act, which is costly to care providers and dangerous to the patients.

What is Phytomedicine

PHYTOMEDICINE a combination of

  • the Study of Disease Biology in Biomedical Science,
  • The understanding of disease in Pathology and
  • the Science of Pharmacology but instead of using synthetic drugs or chemicals that will bring harmful effects, we use nature's bio materials with therapeutic properties to treat them.

Phytomedicine embodies a 3000-year pharmaceutical knowledge of Botany and traditional medicine verified with in vitro and/or in vivo bio research to develop effective treatments without manipulating the human body like synthetic drugs. Science has shown that prolonged usage of drugs will lead to bio and physiological deterioration of our body.

New discoveries of new therapeutic properties in many plant materials in additions to recent advancements and innovation since early 2000s in Phytomedicine have proven that vast pharmaceutical resources in nature could help people to overcome diseases naturally and safely without side effects and adverse consequences from drugs. Not only Plant-based remedies are safe, they are easily to use, less costly to the patients and to the government.
Today, according to WHO, Phytomedicine is practiced by thousands of doctors and used by 4 billion people around the world to avoid the new dangers of synthetic drugs.
Our Product Lines
The COMPREHENSIVE DISEASE DETECTION AND PREVENTION PROGRAM (CDP) is a 5-year Plan that requires financial bases. To support such ambition, we are developing 4 different PHYTOMEDICINE PRODUCT LINES to generate income for this CDP work. These are:

1. Phytomedicine Remedies For Common Illnesses

Common Illness herein are typical upper respiratory problems such as SINUS CONGESTIONS, COUGH, COLD, FEVER, FLU, AIRBONE ALLERGIES, STREPP, INFLUENZA etc. Thousands of synthetic drugs in the market that do not target or treat the disease but are merely nerve-inhibiting, sedatives and hormone manipulating drugs to fool our body temporarily. We innovate a practical "BIO-STEAM" method with our Phytomedicine formula that can stop Sinus, Cough etc IN MINUTES and can stop illness such as FLU in a few HOURS while one can even go to work or enjoy shopping and eating. What's more? Plant materials are also useable by children with no problems whatsoever because they are basically FOOD!

2. Phytomedicine Remedies For Serious Diseases

LUNG CANCER, DIABETES, HEART AND CORONAVIUS continue to weaken US economy and to expose the weaknesses in our healthcare system and more dangers in our drugs. Phytomedicine has various therapeutic advantages and can be used as an painless and chemical-free alternative as they cause minimal side effects to the patients. Our Lung Cancer and Coronavirus Preventive Remedy actually saved many lives by effectively prevented the disease when treated in early stage.

3. Other Phytomedicine Remedies

As financial conditions permit, we will develop various Phytomedicine formulas for many different common illness as well as serious diseases including Cancers especially those illness that are lacking locally. All are designed to help people without access to quality healthcare in countries around the world to afford a healthier living and to generate money to finance our COMPREHENSIVE DISEASE DETECTION AND PREVENTION PROGRAM. Typical phytomedicine to be developed are in 2 groups:
A. EMERGENCY PHYTOMEDICINE such as Swelling, Snake Poisoning, Food Poisoning, etc
B. DISEASE PREVENTION: Ulcers, Stomach Cancer; Liver Cancer Prevention for Drinkers; Prostate Cancer to older men; Colon Cancer Prevention; Breast Cancer Prevention; Gout; Rheumatoid Arthritis Prevention; Kidney Health for older persons, Chronic Allergy in persons with Autoimmune conditions; Cholesterol Reduction for Overweight Persons; Sugar Reduction in Younger Persons...

4. Skin Care In Phytomecine

Most skincare products today are made with chemicals and nanoparticles to maximize profits. But chemicals and nanoparticles can easily enter our skin cells to build up pathogens that lead to cell deterioration and diseases including skin cancer. With our in-depth knowledge of bio cell health and disease and plant materials, we will develop natural phyto formulas to rebuild healthier skin by neutralizing pathogens, decontaminate germs and debris to rejuvenate epidermis cells with bio materials found in nature to preserve one's beauty without harmful chemicals like present skincare products.